Join us for our Morning Beach Retreat and then Re-Create when we recreate in the afternoons.

Attendees will arrange their own travel, lodging and meals. We expect most will stay a lot longer than the retreat dates.  Ohana East is a good reasonably priced hotel you may want to check out.

Evening Reception Dec 8

Dec 9-11 Morning Mass and Retreat Portioni. 

 Noon and later fun in the sun, surf, golf, snorkel, catamaran sail as you choose.  Bear & Cindy will give surf lessons and a tandem surfing exhibition. Cindy will teach Hula to the women.

Come and enjoy the Aloha of the Islands and  grow deeper in your faith

Covid Restrictions at this time: iif you have  had a vaccine no restrictions just show it when you check in to hotel or restaurant.  If no Vax there will be limited places to eat.  You will need vax docs or proof of test within 72 hours if no vax.  Go to safetravelshawaii.gov to find out more.

Cost $250 per person or $500 for the whole family (for children 22 and under)  Religious, Priests and Students $100



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