Saturday, November 6, 2021

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By Man Cave Member Dan Barta

On the Armor of God, Ephesians 6:15 "So stand fast, … your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace."

I am a runner. As part of a healthy lifestyle, which all men should seek in one way or another, I jog three to four times a week. At 63, I'm not fast, but I have the endurance to run marathons. My total distance to date since January this year is 528 miles. I know the importance of a good pair of shoes. Shoes give you stability and agility, and they protect your feet from obstacles on the ground. Shod in a good pair of shoes, you are ready for a journey, no matter how long or narrow the path. In biblical times, the Roman soldier wouldn't be successful during battle without his trusted battle shoes, the caligae, sturdy leather sandals with hobnailed soles for durability and traction.

As we face our spiritual battles, it makes sense that among the armor God has given us is a good pair of shoes. By putting on the...

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