Man Cave members join with other brothers to learn, inspire, challenge and pray together. Much like King David’s Cave of Adullam, where a band of misfits and renegades joined together to be formed by God and each other into God’s Mighty Men of Valor. We recognize that we share similar challenges, failings and hopes; and that together we can conquer and grow as men. 

What Man Cave Members Receive

  1. Access to our private Man Cave type community without the hazards of Facebook.
  2. You also become part of a small Team of about a Dozen Men, with a leader who helps you navigate the course and become a deeper part of the Team. 
  3. Once per month video Zoom meet-up with the whole Man Cave.
  4. Once per month Video Zoom meet-up with your small group Team.
  5. SmartPhone App
  6. An AUDIO copy of Bear’s book “The Way of Heroic Virtue.”
  7. “Long Ride Home with Bear Woznick” TV Show - all episodes even the new ones as soon as the director’s cut is done before it even airs on EWTN.
  8. “The Bear Woznick Adventure” weekly Video of Bear’s EWTN Radio show including the entire catalog if you want to go back and listen to specific guests.
  9. Catechism in a Year with Bear Woznick
  10. “The Catholic Biker Daily Rosary” with Pat can pray along and send Pat Prayer requests
  11. A weekly newsletter.


For All Men

Like the Old Testament School of the Prophets during the time of Elijah who formed each other in the Lord, we join together in a 3 year cycle to explore different areas growth in manliness, and use your own personal tool box to chart a new course and develop metrics to keep you on course. 

Also for Fathers: This is the Perfect Experience for you to Lead Your Sons 

If they are under 19 they cannot be members of the Man Cave, but your subscription gives them their own access credentials so that you can lead them through the School of Manliness too. You can go thrugh the lessons with them and track their progress through that month's lessons. 

What School of Manliness Members Receive

  1. We travel together through one lesson a month on a three year journey.  You just jump in and whatever place the whole Man Cave is going through. 
  2. Each Lesson includes video, audio and written content from Bear, and Fr Bryce (Cowboy Priest) Dan'l Markham (Country Up) and others
  3. The Tool Box includes Self Assessments, a SMART goal setting template and the ability for you to establish personal feedback Metrics, or journal to keep you on course.
  4. Discover where you are and where you want to go through the Compass Assessments for each lesson.
  5. Long Ride Home - All Episodes (Early Release!).
  6. Country Music YouTube Play List that Inspires Virtue
  7. Smartphone app.

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